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North Carolina Creditors Bar Association

The North Carolina Creditors Bar Association (NCCBA) is a specialty bar association formed to serve the needs and promote the interests of attorneys who represent creditors in this state. NCCBA attorneys are engaged in a broad variety of practices, ranging from transactional attorneys who draft loan and security agreements to bankruptcy, collection, and foreclosure attorneys who are retained to enforce the agreements and recover the funds owed their clients. As so clearly illustrated by the Great Recession, our nation’s economy depends on the availability of credit to fuel spending and investment by businesses and consumers. Members of the NCCBA are committed to protecting and enforcing the rights of those who make credit available. Membership in the association is limited to attorneys who devote at least 25% of their time to creditor representation.

Latest News

The North Carolina Senate has introduced Senate Bill 632, short-titled “Civil Judgment/Allow Wage Garnishment.”  You can learn more about the bill through the North Carolina General Assembly’s website here.  Garnishment would empower judgment debtors, facilitate the availability of credit, and boost our economy.



The NCBA is a general bar association serving all attorneys in this state. The NCCBA is a specialty bar association formed to serve the specific needs of its members. In its role as an advocate for all attorneys, the NCBA must take care to treat all attorneys similarly…


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The NCCBA supports Senate Bill 632 which establishes wage garnishment as a remedy for the enforcement of judgments against individuals. North Carolina has heretofore only allowed wage garnishment for the enforcement of alimony and child support orders and to recover unpaid taxes…